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Additional Hypnotherapy Services

Our Hypnotherapy Services makes use of a powerful, evidence based approach for addressing a diverse range of challenges you may be facing. Clients Richard has helped have presented with the wide range of issues mentioned below, and more.

Stress - Additional Hypnotherapy Services

Do Any of These Sound Like You?


Many people experience phobias – intense fears of things that may seem harmless to others, like heights, flying, spiders, or needles. These fears can hold you back from activities you want to do, like going on holiday.

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool to address these anxieties. During your sessions Richard will help you to understand the root of your fear and reframe your perspective. Through hypnosis, you’ll gain the tools you need to manage your reactions, replacing them with feelings of calm and control.

Stress and Anxiety

While stress and anxiety may feel overwhelming, hypnotherapy can help you reframe your perspective and develop coping mechanisms. Imagine facing daily challenges with a sense of calm and control.

Hypnotherapy has a proven track record of success in reducing stress and anxiety. By addressing the underlying causes and equipping you with tools for management, you can find lasting relief and reclaim your inner peace.

Weight Management

Diet and exercise can feel like an uphill battle.

Through hypnosis, you can develop a healthier mindset and create positive habits for lasting weight loss. Imagine feeling in control, making healthy choices naturally, and satisfied with smaller portions. Hypnotherapy can help reduce cravings, boost portion control, and create positive associations with healthy eating.

Break free from restrictive diets and create sustainable change. Hypnotherapy equips you with tools for positive choices, helping you reach your weight loss goals and feel your best.


Nail biting, skin picking, mindless snacking – these unwanted habits can feel ingrained in your daily routine. Hypnotherapy offers a unique approach to help you break free for good.

During sessions, Richard will work with you to understand the triggers that fuel your habits. Is it stress that makes you gnaw on your nails, or boredom that leads to skin picking?

While hypnosis can’t force change, it equips you with powerful tools. You’ll develop the self-awareness and strength to make conscious choices.

Sexual Issues

Sexual intimacy can be a beautiful part of life, but sometimes issues like performance anxiety, low libido, or past experiences can create frustrations. 

Hypnotherapy offers a safe and effective approach to address these concerns.

During your sessions you can explore the root causes of your sexual issues and replace limiting beliefs with empowering thoughts. Hypnotherapy can help you cultivate feelings of confidence and self-acceptance, leading to a more fulfilling and enjoyable sexual experience.


Do you ever find yourself hesitating or holding back due to a lack of confidence? Many people struggle with self-doubt, which can limit their opportunities and affect their enjoyment of life. Imagine feeling unsure of yourself in social situations, or hesitating to pursue your dreams because of a nagging voice of self-criticism.

The good news is, confidence can be learned. Hypnotherapy can help you reframe your perspective and develop the tools you need to believe in yourself.


Hypnotherapy can be your key to reigniting motivation. During sessions, Richard will help you identify what’s holding you back. Maybe it’s fear of failure or negative self-talk. Hypnotherapy helps to reframe your mindset and replace limiting beliefs with empowering thoughts. 

You’ll develop the confidence and self-compassion to tackle challenges and stay on track. Hypnotherapy doesn’t force motivation, but it equips you with the tools to make positive choices and naturally fuel your drive to achieve your goals.

Sports performance

Struggling to reach your peak performance? Hypnotherapy can be your secret training partner. Imagine yourself stepping onto the field with laser focus, unshakeable confidence, and the ability to seamlessly execute your skills.

Through guided relaxation and positive suggestions, hypnotherapy can help you visualise success, manage pre-game jitters, and refine your mental focus. It’s a personalised approach to unlock your inner champion and achieve your athletic goals.

Investing In You


We tailor our additional hypnotherapy services sessions to you, to address your specific challenges and goals.

Richard works from a solution oriented perspective and works 1 on 1, in groups and with businesses.

Initial Session $220

Additional Sessions $200

If you are needing help with any of the above mentioned issues, or anything else, please get in touch and we can arrange a free consultation and formulate a plan moving forward.