Overcome Job Interview Nerves

Overcome Job Interview Nerves

Dec 24, 2017

Someone came to see me recently for help to overcome job interview nerves. On paper her CV was excellent and she was a bright and charismatic person. The fact that she had got through to an interview stage is an achievement in itself, but more and more people place such high expectations on themselves that anxiety kicks in beyond any rational thinking.

What if I don’t say the right thing, what if someone else is more qualified, what if they don’t like me, what if I don’t make a good impression? And the Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, positive or negative, you bring in to your life. Think about it, if you go in there with the belief that you are the best person for the job you will present yourself better than someone who goes to an interview thinking that perhaps someone else is a better candidate. If you wouldn’t hire you, why would they?

Silencing the sounds of the self-doubt gremlins can be quite a feat but hypnotherapy can be a great way to bypass the conscious, critical mind and speak to the less critical, subconscious mind to embed positive affirmations and build confidence.

Tips to Overcome Job Interview Nerves

Other ways to reduce anxiety and overcome job interview nerves are:

  • Prepare – Think of your interview as a test. Make sure you have knowledge of the company and the position to show your interest. Research as much as you can. Doing this also gives you confidence during the interview.
  • ​Dress professionally – Look smart, clean and presentable. First impressions count. Show up as if it was your first day at work.
  • Be on time – This shows the company that you are organized. Arriving 5-10 minutes early perhaps will also help you to calm your nerves and focus your mind.
  • Review common interview questions and prepare your responses.
  • Smile – A smile is a great rapport builder. Also each time you smile, feel good hormones are released from your brain.
Richard Kellow

Richard Kellow

Richard is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner based in Rotorua in the gorgeous Bay of Plenty. With his personal experience and training from the UK, US, and New Zealand, Richard is a living testament to the power of hypnosis.

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