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MEN – For Fast Acting Relief, Try Slowing Down

Aug 11, 2018

Stress in men is common, as being a man is a tough job; not to take away from the many challenges that women face. In a world that is rightfully concerned with women’s issues, you as man have to take out some time to recognise the challenges you face and deal with them appropriately.

One of the biggest challenges men face is stress and though this fact doesn’t suggest that women are overwhelmed by stress any less than men, the emphasis here is on gender specific stress that men face, the impacts and solutions.

Social mores often fit men into a strict role of being a provider, a breadwinner, limits men’s freedom to express various emotions and even conditions the way men look and behave. All of these riders and conditions that come with being a man come with the stress of meeting up with these expectations. Men are burdened by responsibilities such as making money, paying the bills, excelling in the work environment and also having a thriving social life out of work and though men have broad shoulders these burdens at times just do not sit right and result in excessive stress which in turn has other health impacts.

Research shows that men are more prone to cardiac disease, high blood pressure, low sperm count, social withdrawal, prostate cancer, and erectile dysfunction and stress has a conspicuous connection with all of these ailments.

So how does a man deal with stress? Men are often labelled as the “strong silent type” which indicates that they deal with stress and anxiety without venting their frustrations to a second person and often times due to social expectations from men; it is difficult to find a listening ear. You as a man; do not want to be branded as “whiny” or complacent. Bearing all of this in mind; hypnotherapy for stress might prove to be an effective solution to multiple diseases causing chronic stress. Read further to know more.

While it isn’t practical to become drug dependent to deal with stress or ignore and get used to it; men rarely opt for counselling which takes us back to the “strong silent type” tag that men try hard to live up to. As such, men can benefit from hypnotherapy to reduce these feelings. Fortunately for men; hypnotherapy is taking off in a big way as an effective stress buster.

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Hypnotherapy Works to Reduce Stress in Men in Various Ways

Hypnotherapy combats stress by helping the person achieve a state of deep relaxation.

  • Stress follows men on holidays and into clubs and work and family events however when you opt for hypnotherapy to relieve stress, your mind is helped to make it is way into an inner space wherein stress cannot intrude.
  • In this inner space of the mind, you are open to positive suggestions and an experienced hypnotherapist can suggest a change in response to stress inducing circumstances in life.
  • The emphasis is on guiding the mind towards responding to challenges as just what they are challenges to be overcome.
  • Hypnotherapy conditions the mind to do away with the stress inducing “fight or flight” response to challenges in life and to opt for a more practical and less stressful approach.
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Richard Kellow

Richard Kellow

Richard is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner based in Rotorua in the gorgeous Bay of Plenty. With his personal experience and training from the UK, US, and New Zealand, Richard is a living testament to the power of hypnosis.

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